Casserole and Tasty Soup

Had some lovely times spent with my bunnies, Tasty Soup and Casserole this week. It’s not always easy to get clips of them and they’re a lot of work, but its little bits of time spent like this that makes it all worth it.

Bigsweir bridge, Fall 2018

The first time I’ve been out the house for a while, and coming back with photos made it feel like I’ve actually done  something for a change. I took my Nikon D200 down to Bigsweir in the Wye Valley and snapped some photos of the bridge in the hazy evening light.

The bridge straddles the boundary between Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire, and so Wales and England. It’s a beautiful structure, especially with the backdrop of autumnal colours and orange glow of late afternoon/evening.